Take Up The Slack

For a while, as you know, I've found it too difficult to write at all, except in short spurts on Instagram (@makingahand) or a letter or two. This wasn't how I planned things to be. But in this time, I found out just how much our world craves authentic, truthful and real stories. I've become … Continue reading Take Up The Slack

Tough One

This morning I was re-living how I spent my mornings during the months of May and June-babying a horse with an injury. The one horse that always seems to be getting hurt. He's been snake-bit, gotten too close to a porcupine, and played rough with wire more than once. I've written a little about 'Yeller' … Continue reading Tough One

A Lady

Amazonian beauties, boldly charging on horseback, singing out a fierce, golden war chant and wielding spears... Mean-mugged, scantily dressed females hopping around in the octagon, dealing out heavy blows with a tiny fist... Suit-clad sophisticates with painted nails and sharp eyes closing all the big deals from their eyries in the big city skylines... Shabby … Continue reading A Lady

The Reason: Ode to the Range Cow

She knows the feeling of being taken for granted. Her entire life is spent doing all the work for zero appreciation, and then, another year begins and she starts over. She's raising her babies while battling all the forces stacked against her with pretty much no help...unless the ranch she lives on comes with good … Continue reading The Reason: Ode to the Range Cow

Tired Horses

A view of the land no one else can comprehend and a perspective on life that few can appreciate begins with the working partnership between a man and his horse. I can't think of many occupations that offer this anymore. Back-country outfitters, mounted policemen, and cowboys are the only ones left in modern times. Why … Continue reading Tired Horses