Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

I love you. I know you love me too. Now that we have that out of the way, there’s something else I want to say. 

Dad, I’m just as good as my brothers at sorting pairs. You haven’t seemed to notice, but I don’t miss a thing; and if you’d only let me, I would sort ’em neat and clean. 

You never let me ride the broncs, ‘cuz I’m a girl and all, thanks for your consideration Dad, but it isn’t fair you know. 

You learned to ride from your dad, who was taught by his; how am I supposed to keep up then, if you don’t let me now and again?

I’ll never be the rough string rider, we both know that’s true, I just wish you’d see, though, how much I want to learn from you.

Just because I wear a dress to church and Mama’s teaching me her trade, doesn’t mean I prefer to cook than help you put out hay.

When the hay truck pulls up, go ahead and ask me, Dad, I am not afraid. (Just between us I think I’d rather do that than bake all day.)

I’ll do the work Dad, I know I can, so please don’t leave me out. I’m not the kind of girl who would turn on you and pout. The boys are given tasks to do so I don’t think this is too much to ask of you.

Listen, Daddy, someday I won’t be here.

I’ll be someplace else, with someone else, who includes me in what they do. Then I’ll have to cook, and stay inside, and go to town and stuff, because I’ll have a family of my own and be like Mama: tough.

If you’ll just show me your side of life for now, Dad, it’ll be enough.

Mama will teach me all she can about how to be a lady. Her lessons and her example are my guiding light, so don’t worry, I won’t lose her gentle touch.

But teach me to cowboy, to ride and rope and be a hand. After all, you still can’t tell which one of us will love the land. Don’t leave me out Dad, please. I’m part of this place, too. There’s lessons out there I was meant to learn…from you. 

I’ll prove to you that teaching me will pay off sooner or later. I’ll learn this lifestyle inside out and when the time comes to choose my way, the passion that you passed on to me will make you proud someday.

Daddy, you’re my hero. Think about this, k? Next time we run in the colts or when it’s time to brand, just let me try, I’ll make a number one top hand. 

With all my heart,

Your loving daughter




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