Well hello! I’m Cheyenne Landry. I am a young cowboy’s wife, a mama of two little red headed toddlers, a cowgirl, and a sold-out, grateful follower of Jesus Christ. I’ve spent more days outdoors than in, ridden so many different horses I lost count, and never have known life without the rhythm of the four seasons. The true joy of my heart is to spend time soaking in the Word of God. Besides that, it’s doing anything with my husband and kids on the ranch.

I realized not too far along in the family venture that my ranch related skills are of no use indoors. I am now learning the other side of life, the side of womanhood that was hidden from me as long as I stayed horseback.

It’s a little funny to me now, how much I didn’t know about domestic tasks and caring for children. So I wave goodbye to my cowboy in the early dawn, watching the dust from his pickup and trailer settle on the road- leaving me with a baby on my hip and my spunky toddler standing beside me, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

Like the ranch women who came before me, I’m learning to adjust and make a hand wherever I am, whether that’s in the feed truck, horseback, or in the kitchen. This is my happily ever after. I’ve already met Prince Charming and ridden off into the sunset. Boy, was that fun! But I thank God there’s more to life than that. At the end of every “once upon a time” story should be these words, in boldfaced type: “And so it begins…

If I have learned anything along the way, it’s that I have a whole heck-of-a-lot more to learn. The tales, tips and wisdom I’m collecting here are shared experiences of myself and the women around me, namely my grandmother, my aunts, my mama, and the other ranch women I know. Ride along with me! Maybe we will both learn a thing or two looking through the window at ‘happily ever after’.