Tired Horses

A view of the land no one else can comprehend and a perspective on life that few can appreciate begins with the working partnership between a man and his horse. I can't think of many occupations that offer this anymore. Back-country outfitters, mounted policemen, and cowboys are the only ones left in modern times. Why... Continue Reading →

The Wagon

Sun up used to mean the crackle of a fire and clanging of cast iron, horses snorting, the smell of wood smoke and the feel of spring chill. There was the otherworldly jingle of trace chains and the creak of well-worn wooden axles as the chuck wagon set out for the day. The cowboys caught... Continue Reading →


First you see the cattle stringing out at a brisk trot. You're gathering a rough brushy pasture, trotting over a rock bedecked hill, watching for movement somewhere. You hope you covered all of your assigned territory and that you kept the pace of the circle everyone was making, because you haven't seen anybody since the... Continue Reading →

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